Registering a trademark and finding help for the process


Registering a trademark for your goods or services is not at all obligatory, but it can be helpful and grant you certain benefits and security for your company and the goods or services it offers. Some of the advantages of registering a trademark are:

1. You are granted an exclusive right to use the registered trademark in the country of registration and there is a legal presumption of your legal ownership of the mark.

2. Public notice that claims your ownership of the trademark.

CircleRwithLock13. The possibility to register your mark with Customs and Border Protection in order to prevent the import of goods with the same or confusingly similar trademark. We learn a lot from linked over here.┬áThis is especially useful because trademark registration is valid only in your country or the countries where you specifically file a trademark registration request. In other words – trademark protection is not international.

4. The right to use ® symbol, which is an official symbol of a registered trademark.

5. The ability to file a lawsuit and conduct a successful litigation if it comes to unauthorized copying of your product or its name or symbol.

6. The ability to file a registration request in other countries once your trademark was registered in your own country.


Before registering a trademark, it is important to conduct a research and find out whether the same or similar marks or products already exist as registered trademarks. It is advisable that you hire an attorney specialized in trademark matters, since they know how to successfully deal with this research and provide you with reliable results. Also, an attorney can help you immensely through the process of registration itself, and after the registration was completed, he can inform you on the following steps in relation to your trademark.